Platform Blueprints

Welcome to our Platform Building Blueprint offerings! Blueprints give you a plan to follow. Without them, anything you build will be shaky. Our platform blueprints are a mix of checklists, cheatsheets, and outcome-focused tools that have been created to help you quickly take action and build a platform to share your message.

Accelerated Growth and Focused Results

There’s never been a better time to learn something new. Our blueprints are the checklists, cheatsheets, quick-start guides, and outcomes-driven tools that help you achieve results faster. Most of them come with at least an hour of virtual one-on-one coaching to help you implement what you’ve learned. These are game changers for you and your future.

Why Should You Choose a Blueprint?

Here are a few compelling reasons to start to expand your message with a course.

  • Flexibility—Dive in immediately and learn at your own pace.
  • Focus—Narrow your scope and learn one component at a time.
  • Convenience—Work wherever and whenever you want to work.
  • Reinforcement—Go back and reuse the tool again to reinforce specific concepts.
  • Retention—Tap into visual, auditory, and reading & writing learning styles.
  • Self-direction—Design a pathway that gets you where you want to go.

Check Out Our Blueprints

These are always being updated and expanded, so check back to see what’s new!

Our Go-to List of Tools, Tips, and Tricks for Creating Online


There are a lot of different tools online that can help you build your platform. But you can spend hours Googling, researching, and exploring. Or, you could buy this list that has links to the products and services we use. Boom! You’re welcome. (Note: some of these tools are free and some use our affiliate link because every little bit helps!)

12 Handpicked Books with Reading Guides and Action Plans

$250/month (4 monthly payments)

Have you ever read a non-fiction book that was life-changing with the intent to apply what you learn? It’s a great plan, but many times we get busy and forget to take action. The Genius Guides eliminate that problem. We read the book, create a reading plan, craft a summary, give you the big picture of each chapter, pull compelling quotes, and give you an action plan to apply what you’ve read. Times 12. One book per month and the plan is emailed to set you up for success. It’s Genius!

Want to Write Articles, Posts, and Messages that Pop?


One key skill you’ll need is the ability to create articles that are clear, compelling, and helpful. This highly practical guide offers a blueprint for just how to do that. It’s quick, handy, and something you’ll want to reference time and again.

Take control over what you learn, where you learn, and how fast you learn.

The results are automatic when you have the right blueprint.

Don’t Let a Bad Message Kill a Great Idea!

Grab your FREE copy of THE MESSAGE CRAFTER’S BLUEPRINT and propel your message from good to great!

  • Great messages don’t just happen—they must be crafted!
  • Learn the secrets of great messages and how to apply them to your communication.
  • Discover simple tools to make your message pop and stand out from the noise.
  • Fine-tune your unique messaging style that lets you communicate with authenticity.
  • Unlock a secret list of books, videos, and resources that help you learn and grow.