Digital Discipleship Coaching

A simple, yet transformational four-week group coaching program that helps you craft a digital ministry strategy to take church beyond your building and into your community.

The Gospel message doesn’t change. But if we hope to reach people in today’s context, the way we engage with them MUST.

Four Weeks to a Digital Ministry Strategy that Works

Built with the busy pastor in mind, Digital Discipleship Coaching takes just four weeks to complete using 1 hour Zoom sessions for maximum convenience. It’s a no-nonsense way to get more mileage from your message and engage with people in the digital space.

Week 1: Repurpose

You’ll discover how to quickly create a community-focused digital ministry strategy that helps you get more mileage from your existing message.

Week 2: Reimagine

You’ll learn why and how to adapt your teaching style for the digital space so you can best leverage today’s social media and digital tools—all while remaining authentic.

Week 3: Record

You’ll see how an easy-to-follow script helps you record engaging and authentic teaching videos, plus you’ll discover the simple tech tools that make it easy.

Week 4: Release

You’ll discover how scheduling maximizes your time and works for you, welcoming new people to your church with engaging digital content.

Here’s What People Are Saying

Photo of Dale Sellers

Dale Sellers

Executive Director at 95 Network

For years, I’ve seen pastors who are frustrated because they work hard on a message that is delivered one time and then put away. Digital Discipleship Coaching changes that. Now, with this 4 week program, you’ve got a tactical template to get more mileage out of your message and engage with your community in ways you’ve never thought possible. Sign up today, you’ll be glad you did!

Photo of John Nunnally

John Nunnally

Lead Pastor at Legacy Christian Fellowship

The crux of digital discipleship is to leverage all of the hard work that goes into sermon preparation, boil it down to its essence, and make it relatable to somebody in the digital space. It’s ministry one person at a time to get the conversation started and plant a seed. That takes a little bit of a change of mindset, which necessitates great coaching. It will be fascinating to see just how the Lord uses more and more pastors to reach people who may consider themselves unreachable, using pastors who are willing to try new ways of doing ministry.

Watch John talk about his coaching experience here.

Photo of Roger Bodenstab

Roger Bodenstab

Lead Pastor at Crescent City Foursquare Church

It was my privilege to work with Jesse Barnett in launching his Digital Discipleship Course. I love his heart for the local church and for helping and equipping pastors to connect better to their online audience with the Gospel. During the 4-week course, I learned practical tips for taking my weekly message and creating powerful digital material. Jesse is a great teacher and communicator and will bring great insight for the pastor who is experienced with social media as well the pastor who is less experienced with social media. I highly recommend this course for pastors/churches who may already be highly engaged in social media as well as pastors/churches who have little to none. Digital Discipleship is a pathway for reaching more people for the Kingdom of God.

Why digital? Because that’s where the people you hope to reach are.

As a pastor, if you aren’t tapping into the potential of the online space, you are missing out on the prime way to reach your communityshare your message, and draw people in to your sphere of influence. The good news is…  it’s easier than you think to get MORE MILEAGE from your existing messages.

We can show you how.

How does it work?

We don’t believe in bogging you down with useless information and excessive content. That’s why we’ve made this coaching program easy to use and apply. Based around a mix of TEACHING and TOOLS. The teaching highlights a principle of digital ministry, the tools help you put it into action. At the end of four weeks, you’ll have a proven plan to begin engaging with your community in the digital space.

The Tools

Message Repurposing Tool

The Message Repurposing Tool can be used over and over to break your messages into shareable chunks for social media, articles for your website, video teaching points, and more.

A $149 value.

Digital Message Map

The Digital Message Map takes the guesswork out of digital discipleship. It empowers you to turn your messages into powerful tools and resources that reach people long after you’ve left the stage.

A $99 value.

Digital Message Scripter

The Digital Message Scripter is an easy way to take the big ideas from your Digital Message Map and visually turn them into an easy-to-follow script that keeps you on track as you record video. 

A $99 value.

Digital Message Checklist

The Digital Message Checklist is an easy-to-follow blueprint for setting up your space & recording your message. It takes the guesswork out of the technical aspects to help you teach with confidence.

A $79 value.

Digital Message Accelerator

You’re busy and you don’t need to add work to your schedule. The Message Accelerator takes that into account and gives you a template for scheduling your weekly digital content. It’s simple and fast.

A $199 value.

The Video Vault

The Video Vault is an ever-expanding library of videos that help you dive deeper and walk step by step through the more technical aspects of Digital Discipleship.

A $129 value.

Meet Your Coach

Jesse Barnett

As an author, teacher, coach, and guide, Jesse is an expert at creating content that effectively helps the small church pastor connect with your community and culture.

He can coach you on how to share your heart with great clarity and help you engage with the people outside of your church in a way that makes them intrigued enough to walk in your door.

What’s included?

Digital Discipleship Coaching is a four week group coaching program that takes place virtually over Zoom.

As a pastor, you are busy! That’s why we created this to take up the least amount of your time while providing the most amount of value. The training and tools we’ve designed will help you quickly create a digital ministry strategy that you can put to work immediately.


An Introductory One-on-One Zoom call

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

  • Week 1-Understanding The Communication Shift
  • Week: 2-Mapping Out a Digital Message
  • Week 3-Optimizing Your Space and Recording Your Digital Messages
  • Week 4-Scheduling and Releasing Digital Messages

The Digital Ministry Toolkit

  • Message Repurposing Tool
  • Digital Message Map
  • Digital Message Scripter
  • Digital Message Checklist
  • Digital Message Accelerator
  • The Video Vault

One-On-One Next Steps Zoom Call

Here’s what Pastor Sean Lee of Press Church in Powell, Ohio says about his DDC experience.

What if you discovered a way to reach beyond the walls of your church?

It’s never been more important to have a strong digital presence. When you do this well, you let your community know who you are as a pastor, how you’ll serve them as a church, and why they should want to be a part of your family.

Maximize Your Time

By using your existing message notes, you are able to create digital content in half the time. This makes digital ministry a powerful part of your ministry strategy.

Reach Your Community

A great website, compelling and engaging videos, and a consistent social media presence allows you to reach beyond the walls of your church and into your community.

Multiply Your Impact

When you use a proven process and powerful tools it allows you to multiply your reach and impact while lightening your load.

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