Digital Ministry Strategies Virtual Workshop

A four-week, group coaching process where we help you understand how to crafting a digital ministry strategy for your church so you can expand the reach and impact of your message.

A Digital Ministry Strategy Designed for Your Church

digital ministry doesn’t need to be complicated—but it must be intentional.

There are three critical elements that form the foundation of an effective digital ministry strategy. When you take the time to get these right, you build a strong foundation that can grow with your ministry and reach more people than you thought possible.


Your digital home with curb appeal


Your words with personal intent


Your plan to interact and invite


Your digital home with curb appeal

Every message needs a platform, and yours must start with a great website. Your website is your digital doorway and it will either invite people in or push them away.

The Challenge — Most churches treat their website as an afterthought and never unlock its potential to reach, teach, and inspire the people they hope to impact.

A great website is clean and simple. The message is clear, the branding consistent, the call to action is compelling, and the focus is on your visitor.


Your words with personal intent

Words matter. When you are clear on who you hope to impact and influence you can craft a message using words that resonate.

The Challenge — Most church messaging is focused on those already inside the building and neglects those outside your doors.

The words you use should speak to the pain points and needs of your community and be “them” focused. The right words give your audience a sense of who you are and how you serve them.


Your plan to interact and invite

Digital ministry must be engaging rather than informative. This means you have to learn to create compelling content that draws people into the conversation and invites them to be a part of your community.

The Challenge — Most messaging is one way and informational and never gives people a chance to respond.

There should always be a clear and compelling call to action that invites online visitors to become a part of your community. Ideally, this will open the door to their faith journey and discipleship.

The possibilities for your church community just got infinitely bigger.

How does it work?

A Mix of Practical Teaching…

We don’t believe in bogging you down with useless information and excessive content. You’re busy; we get it. That’s why we’ve made this workshop easy to use and apply. Since it’s virtual, that means you can access it whenever and wherever you’d like—as often as you like. The things you’ll learn will give you focus, direction, and clarity on your digital ministry strategy.


Our teaching is focused and practical. It walks you through the process one step at a time and builds on what you’ve created.


Not all churches are the same so you’ll learn to adapt and apply the teaching to your unique circumstances.


No more running in circles or trying the latest trend. You’ll learn how to create a strategy that works now and grows with you.

But we didn’t stop there. Our videos are quick and to the point but there to be watched again and again. Our guides are intuitive and practical. They are the roadmap to get you where you need to go. Our coaching is the secret bonus–you’ll start and end with a personalize call with a member of our team to equip, encourage, and keep you accountable.

… and Powerful Tools


Focused videos that walk you through the process one step at a time. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.


To enhance what you learn on video, you’ll receive practical guides that walk you through the steps.


You’ll begin with a personalized one-on-one Zoom call with a coach to help set the stage for your success.

Here’s What People Are Saying

Photo of Tim Burnett

Tim Burnett

Lead Pastor at Trinity Church

Our church worked with Jesse and the Message Accelerator team to create a digital ministry strategy for our Celebrate Recovery program. Jesse’s ability to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to expand our ministry have been gamechangers for our church. It’s exciting to think that we can reach more people with our message simply by tapping into the places that they are already hanging out.

Photo of Tim Fox

Tim Fox

District Superintendent at South Coastal District of the Wesleyan Church

For your church to thrive, you’ve got to get creative….

Testimonial coming

Photo of Suzi Steele

Suzi Steele

Development Director at Christian Evangelistic Mission

Meet Your Guide

Jesse Barnett

As an author, teacher, coach, and guide, Jesse is an expert at creating content that effectively helps the small church pastor connect with your community and culture.

He can coach you on how to share your heart with great clarity and help you engage with the people outside of your church in a way that makes them intrigued enough to walk in your door.

Why digital? Because that’s where the people you hope to reach are.

As a church, if you aren’t tapping into the potential of the online space, you are missing out on the prime way to reach your communityshare your message, and draw people in to your sphere of influence. 

This workshop will show you how.

What’s included?

The Digital Ministry Virtual Workshop is a combination of coaching, tools, and videos that help you create a powerful online presence for your church.

As a pastor, you are busy! That’s why we created this to take up the least amount of your time while providing the most amount of value. The training and tools we’ve designed will help you quickly create a digital ministry strategy that you can put to work immediately.


An Introductory One-on-One Zoom call

  • What makes this different? You’ll meet your coach face-to-face virtually to help get you started.

Followed by Focused Teaching

  • Platform—where you’re digital ministry lives.
  • Message—what your digital communication says.
  • Engagement—how your digital ministry connects.

Enhanced with Practical Tools

  • Step by step guides
  • Easy-to-apply tools
  • Access to vetted done-for-you services
  • Q&A helpdesk

Finally–One-On-One Next Steps Zoom Call

  • To ensure you know what to do next and to keep you accountable

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